Why are We Talking about Free Birth Control?

Catchy title huh? yup. That was the point.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to rant about women having access to “free” birth control (well I might. but just briefly 😉 ). I want to address something that if implemented would make this whole discussion on “free” birth control void.

As a home schooled student, I did not have public school sex ed so I can not speak from first hand experience. However almost everyone I know went to public school and they had a variety of experiences. Everything from the teacher just pulling up google images of human genitals, while handing out condoms to actually explaining the biological act of sex and the names of the body parts  like a normal mature human being. Then the girls got the extra “time of the month” talk.

I was fortunate because in having my talk with my mom she actually explained what a period was and why I have one. I think my mom genuinely gave me all the information she had to give and thought I would need. However out of my normally 38 day cycle (yes 38 not 28) There were 33 days where I had no idea what was going on inside my body. Therefore I believed the lie that traditional birth control was my only option and that basically I could get pregnant at any time during my cycle.

I used birth control for about a year and it seriously was the worst thing ever. I’m not going to lecture about the pros and cons of hormonal birth control. I’m just mentioning that I was on it to establish that I have had to pay for my own birth control. It was 40 dollars a month and it sucked. Instead of being able to go out on a date regularly with my new husband, I was taking a pill that made me miserable, killed our sex life and ate up money.

Then I found it. I found a book that taught me about my body as a woman.

Ok in fairness I didn’t find it. One of my best friends was like “here this will solve your problems” as I was complaining to her about how terrible sex was and how depression was eating me. She saved me. ❤

I learned about fertility awareness and how my body worked as a woman. I learned for the first time that all of my female parts have names! I learned that my body has specific signs for when I am most likely to get pregnant. I learned how to pin point those specific days. What was really cool was that my husband noticed a difference in my willingness to be with him and it made our relationship better.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail explaining the book I read. You can buy it here. I brought all that up to preface this statement.

If 12 year old girls were being taught how to be in charge of their fertility we would not be having a national argument about “free” birth control.

If mothers teach their daughters how their bodies work, we won’t need “free” birth control. If sex ed classes teach girls how their bodies work, we won’t need “free” birth control. Good Grief if our husbands/partners know how our bodies work we won’t need “free” birth control! If a 24 year old woman is out getting it on with a guy she met at the bar(or your married life is interrupted with some excitement), she can stop and think to herself: “Hmmm… Its day 22 of my cycle, my cervix is high, I haven’t had a temp shift and I have wet fluid. Better use a condom or maybe I will just pass tonight.” No hormonal pill needed, no implant in the uterus, no implant in the arm, no shot, no plan B pill and no murder (yes murder i.e. abortion). Just a womans own knowledge of her body and possibly a 50 cent condom.

That is true education. That is true empowerment. That is true FREE birth control.

(I know that BC is used to treat some medical conditions. That’s not what I am addressing here. I’m talking about BC only used for prevented pregnancy)

Ok here is my rant.

I’m not really into the whole “I’m a woman and I’m persecuted” thing. I work a mans job, I’m educated with a 4 year degree, I have 2 babies, I vote, I make more money then my husband and apparently now I can even join the boys scouts. (eyes roll). I don’t care if there isn’t a special breast feeding room for me to pump milk (yes I have pumped milk in a bathroom. For MONTHS) or an employer doesn’t want to subsidize my birth control. That’s fine with me. I will do it myself.

Let me tell you, women have lost their minds about the roll back of birth control coverage from health insurance.(That’s not even entirely accurate. Employers don’t have to pay extra for you to have coverage for free birth control when they are paying for your health insurance…)  I think my favorite headline I saw was something like “it just got more expensive to be a woman”… No. Just no. lol

It did not get more expensive for me to be a women. Any woman not on birth control is just fine. Therefore it got more expensive to be on birth control. (And it only got more expensive for some women to be on birth control!) It did not get more expensive to be a woman. A little logic lesson there. All the more reason to know your body and use that to gauge your sex life. That way truly no one else is intervening with your reproductive choices. If you know your body, no one is capable of controlling what you do with it.

It is not empowering to ask for special treatment because of being a woman. It is empowering to have a “disadvantage” and rise above it on your own. Especially in a way that doesn’t cost you in the long run and betters your understanding of your body. You want “free” BC? Take control of your body and learn how it functions.

Obviously I don’t have all the answers and anyone can say “what about this… or that…”And some of those this and that’s might be valid. I just think we as women could save or selves a lot of money and headache if we take control and teach our selves.









I am not the Compassion Police

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen. I have done the work for you. We will refute the top health care myths (along with a stupid meme) that are circulating the facebook, twitter and news networks. We will do this using… (Get ready for it…) !!! H.R.1628!!! Don’t know what that is? Its the healthcare bill.

First of all I would just like to say that these people up there on the hill wearing their expensive suits, driving expensive cars and drinking expensive coffee were elected for us and buy us. I should not have to wade through lawyer jargon to figure out what you are doing with my money and my freedom. I’m a relatively intelligent person. I troubleshoot aircraft electrical systems people. But for the love of God release these bills that affect me in normal person speak. please. If you did that there probably would not be a need for this ranting post.

Here is the meme that has sparked my rant. I like to follow and listen to all kinds of people with whom I disagree (#Idontneedasafespace). It makes life more interesting and its way easier to have a civil discussion when you actually know the other persons argument. I don’t usually argue or engage much on social media posts. I just take in the information. But every once in a while an argument is so stupid that my brain cant take it and I have to call it out for what it is. BullSh*t.


I picked this meme apart in a comment on FaceBook but I think this meme encompasses the top myths being pushed to combat the new healthcare bill. I will address the whole stupid gospel and christian comparison later but for now we will focus on the whole poor and sick thing.


Myth #1 Preexisting conditions won’t be covered.

This is just a flat out lie and flies directly in the face of what Amendment #33 says. Allow me to quote the summary for you. “Health insurers would not be allowed to [deny coverage,] discriminate based on gender or [limit access based on] preexisting conditions.” There. Any questions? If you would still like to argue that point you may click on my link for Amendment#33 and then click the pdf of the 8 pages it took to say exactly what I quoted from the summary. Good luck.

Myth #2 Medicaid is getting cut.

Not exactly. Medicaid EXPANSIONS are getting cut. This is kinda hard to break down but Im going to do my best so hang with me. As it is right now able bodied working adults under the age of 65 can get medicaid if they make between 133% -400% of the poverty line. That means you could have a fully functioning, single 25 year old man making 40k a year on medicaid. That’s going away now.

As it is right now, medicaid has to provide coverage for children at 133% of the poverty line or below. Most states provide medicaid for children up to 400% of the poverty line but the requirement was 133%. That is changing to 100%. Medicaid must cover anyone under this threshold. States can still choose to cover higher.

“Essential benefits”(include ambulatory patient services, emergency services, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance use disorder services, prescription drugs, rehabilitative services, laboratory services, preventative and wellness services, and pediatric services) are being eliminated as a requirement for all medicaid and private insurance. This is happening in a form of a waiver system which they will only be granted if they can prove the “waiver will reduce average premiums for patients, increase enrollment for residents, stabilize the state’s health insurance market, stabilize premiums for individuals living with preexisting conditions, or increase patients’ health care plan options.”  What this means is that if your state goes through with this waiver you don’t have to be covered for things you don’t need. Like I don’t need coverage for substance use disorder and my husband doesn’t need maternity coverage. Neither private insurance or medicaid has to cover that if they can prove that by not covering it they have made the market better as a whole.

Medicaid will also have spending caps. That means instead of having constant cash flow the program will be given its lump sum for the year and be told to chose wisely.

You can click here and here to read the actual bill amendments and summary where I am getting all this info from. Please don’t just take my word for it. We NEED an educated populace.

Myth #3 People will die!

This is just ridiculous. Sanders says “When you throw 23 million off of health insurance, people with cancer, people with health care, people with diabetes, thousands of people will die..” These numbers are from the Congressional Budget Offices analysis of the bill. They are wrong. They are off by about 13 million. About 10 million is the actual number 7 million of which would not lose coverage. They would drop their expensive plans because of the mandate being gone. That leaves 3 million losing coverage through medicaid. Not poor sick woman and children. People who don’t need it. Like the family of 4 making 100k a year. Its asinine to make the jump from “people above the poverty line won’t have medicaid” to “people will die”.

I want to spend just a little more time here. Lets say your a diabetic that is at 200% of the poverty level (for a family of 4 that’s about 40k a year.) You lose coverage through medicaid. Because preexisting conditions must be covered you will be able to find coverage through the market place if you can not get it through work. The bill has allocated about 15 billion dollars  for you to be able to have an affordable premiums and coverage. And there are still subsidies in place for sick, poor and old people. What does this mean? You probably are not going to die. Even if nothing works for you and your not insured from that 15 billion dollars being injected into the market place you have a safety net. Emergency rooms cant deny treatment. So if you are in a life or death situation with your diabetes you can go to the emergency room. Yes that will be a big bill but hospitals have financial assistance!!! In the state of Iowa, if you are below 400% of the poverty line you qualify for financial assistance and significantly reduced costs. And if your below 200% you can get out your bill completely. No citation here because this is personal experience and a conversation and the financial aid coordinator at the hospital where I delivered my son.

So your not going to die. These are scare tactics.

Myth #4 Planned Parenthood will be defunded!

Yea… for a year. That’s it.

Myth #5 Anyone who doesn’t like obamacare hates poor and sick people.

I want to spend sometime here as well. We will bring the meme back in from earlier. This whole idea is generally aimed at republicans for making the changes to the health care bill. The purpose of these changes are to cut spending and some of the regulations. The whole point is to try to make things more affordable. Republicans (in general) believe they can make things more affordable for everyone by cutting regulations and taxes. Democrats (in general) believe they can make things more affordable for the marginalized by taxing people with more money. Their favorite phrase is the top 1% (that is anyone who makes about 200k a year or more.) Democrats like to say that we must care about our fellow humans and a way to do that is redistributing wealth to those less fortunate. If anyone opposes this they hate poor and sick people. Just because someone opposes government mandated theft (which is what wealth redistribution is) does not mean they hate sick and poor people. This is just asinine. Both parties want people to have affordable health care. That’s why they stuck their hands into the bowl to begin with.  They have 2 different ideologies to achieve that goal. Both could work. Demonizing the other party that you don’t agree with accomplishes nothing.

Now the whole gospel and claiming Christianity thing… *sigh* I love the fact that the bible is used to virtue signal constantly and chances are people sharing their bible meme for political reasons have not opened their dusty NKJV bible in decades.

Yes! Christians are supposed to love the poor, sick and marginalized. Yes Christians are supposed to be kind, compassionate and generous with our money! Yes Christians are supposed to show Christs love to all! This is all over the New Testament and Old. NOWHERE does it say that Christians are supposed to force others to behave in a kind compassionate and loving way! NOWHERE does it say that we are supposed to purposely take money from others and give it away in the name of compassion! I am a Christian. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am in charge of my compassion, kindness and love. I am not in charge of forcing the guy down the street with the 2017 Audi to give more to charity or buy groceries for a single mom with 2 kids. I SHOULD DO THOSE THING IF I AM ABLE! Christians are not the compassion and kindness police. Therefore, to use this argument of kindness, gospel and Jesus to support theft (which is preached against in both testaments of scripture) is a complete misuse of Gods word. So just stop it.

My personal opinion is this health care bill is crap. I want government out of my health care completely. That’s not their job. But apparently alot of people want their congress person to dictate their health care so I guess that’s here to stay unfortunately.

Ok I’m done. Sorry for possibly destroying a narrative… Sorry for not agreeing with your Jesus argument… Please just please… think for your self. Read the information for your self before you jump on the meme bandwagon. Work together with people of different opinions. Question everything.