As is obvious from my user name, I am a millennial mom. I wear many different hats in my life. I have my stay at home mom hat and wife hat (which are definitely my favorites). I work part time as an aircraft mechanic, I love to learn, have strong opinions and I love my Savior.

After literally 3 years of my husband saying “You need a blog” here it is! Perhaps he is tired of my rants 😉

My hope is that this blog can serve as a platform and voice for ideas and thoughts about everyday life encounters and issues. Because life is filled with different experiences, stages and issues, I want this blog to be filled with opinions and ideas on different experiences, stages and issues.

I don’t think about being a mom 24/7. I don’t think about economics 24/7. I certainly don’t think about airplanes 24/7. No woman thinks about only 1 thing all the time. Therefore I want to share my opinions on every area of life. Not just 1. My hope is that those opinions and ideas will encourage, support and challenge others as one more voice in a sea of many.



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