Think of this as a public service announcement. Before anyone freaks out about what some are calling a “March against Muslims”, I’m here to tell you its not a thing. This is whats going on today. Across the country different cities are holding “Marches against Sharia.” If you think that is the same as marching against Muslims then you just defeated your own narrative of #notallmuslims.

These marches are being put on by the organization Act for America. The founder of this organization is Brigitte Gabriel who was a little girl in Lebanon during the extermination of Christians by Islam. She lived in a bomb shelter for 7 years because of radical Islam. You can watch her interview with Dave Rubin here. She tells about her life in Lebanon before and after Islam took over. You can visit her organizations website ACT! For America to learn more about who she is, what she does, what she believes in and the protests against Sharia Law going on today.

Now if you would like to make the argument that sharia doesn’t exist in the good ol USA…Let me correct you. FALSE. It does. There are Sharia courts here. There are honor killings. There is female genital mutilation here. But please don’t take my word for it. You can watch and listen to 2 woman raised in Islam explain it to you. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Yasmine Mohammed.

So please before you freak out about what ANTIFA and Al-jazeera are saying about this march. Watch these interviews and go to the website of the organization putting on this march. Don’t lose your mind.

A march against sharia law should be something everyone can be on board with including all Muslims that are not extremists and radicalized. No Moderate Muslim should be offended by people not wanting to mutilate little girls genitals. If they are? Then they are not moderate and they are the reason that people are marching. As the twitter is saying (and I paraphrase) Muslims are being targeted by these marches. Yes. If your a Muslim that beats your wife for not wearing a hijab, you cut off your little girls clitoris, and kill your sister, brother, son or daughter for leaving the faith? Its a march against you. Sorry not sorry. Neither is this Ex Muslim woman.



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