Well… I think its been about 5 months since I have updated anything here on my blog. I had a baby and that tends to take up some time… However he is now old enough to be slightly self entertained so I can go back to having some time to write! Hurray!

My facebook was bombarded yesterday with people liking articles about students of the  Notre Dame Class of 2017 walking out of there graduation ceremony due to Vice President Mike Pence being the speaker. My gut response went something like this… “Come the Hell on… My toddler walks out on me when I tell him he cant have cake.”

Now you might say that my toddler and these students can’t really be compared because these students are standing up for what they believe in and are being brave and my toddler just wants cake. No. They walked out because feelings. My toddler runs to his room (safe space) because feelings. I will break it down but first a story relative to this topic.

I have an older cousin that worked in Washington D.C. while Bill Clinton was president. She absolutely loathed the man. She ended up at some kind of event where the President was also attending and he was walking around shaking peoples hands and making small talk. My cousin tried to avoid him but ended up failing and he approached her to shake her hand. She shook his hand and chatted with him for a few minutes. Why? It was not because she was afraid to stand up for her beliefs. It was because she was a freaking grown woman and knew how to act like one. I remember her telling my mom this story after the fact and saying that even though she hated this man she had respect for the office that he held and his position of authority. He was the sitting President and she was not going to make her self look foolish.

I will not make the argument that these students didn’t have the right to get up and walk out. The did. That’s called free speech. (Something they have a habit of trying to stifle in others). They were not brave. Nothing was going to happen to them by walking out (or that one random student that just stood with their back turned see video here) except being booed by the crowd (which they should have been #freespeech). According to the all mighty internet god Google, the definition of brave is “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”. Not a description of these children. They walked out cause they could. They virtue signaled. Which by definition is virtuous so no one was going to punish them and they knew it. They were disrespectful to the Vice President because they disagree with him and stormed out because of it. Now enter my toddler.

He wants cake (or cookies,cheerios, icecream, the ipad, to watch tv… whatever he’s two). I say no because reasons. He disagrees. Loudly. He walks out. One might argue that he is brave because I may give him a consequence for not respecting his mom (I wouldn’t call him brave. I would call him two. But you get the point)

These students should have behaved like my cousin in the face of something that they disagreed with or offended them. Not like my toddler. To quote Calvin’s dad from Calvin and Hobbes “It builds character”  And that’s my opinion.

I would write more on this but gotta go. My husband is dancing to Justin Beiber with the Baby… Apparently I have been engaged in this post to long \\//


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