Dear SJWs, Silence does not Equal Hate (or violence, consent or whatever the signs say)

Guys… So much has happened. Last Saturday was awful, disgusting and inexcusable. Enough people have been talking, yelling and screaming about it to the point that I feel I don’t need to just repeat what the majority of the people in the country are saying.

I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about a false equivalency. I want to talk about a virtue signaling phrase that I have seen every where that is completely false and you don’t look cool or virtuous saying it. 

Apparently white silence (about whatever atrocity was committed that day) is equal to hatred. No. Just no. Hate was running around with tiki torches yelling “Jews will not replace us.” Hate was running around bashing people in the heads with bricks in the name of fighting Fascism. Hate ran a car into people and killed one. Hate has called for the genocide of white people. Hate believes in supremacy of one race. Hate disrupts peaceful free speech events with mace, bear spray, and clubs. Hate takes its place on opposing sides and screams until we think our country is ending.

My silence on your preferred social media platform is not hate.

My silence is confusion. My silence is anger. My silence is questioning. My silence is listening. My silence is me wondering how the heck I can make a difference. My silence is me recognizing that someone will still call me a Nazi and a racist  despite my listening, questioning, searching and having conversations with rational people. My silence is knowing that whatever I  say wont be enough for you unless I too become a warrior in the name of fighting whatever injustice you think we should protest today.

That isn’t hate.

I don’t have time to stand in the street and yell. I don’t have time to virtue signal on social media. I have kids to feed, bills to pay, laundry and a job.

(At this point some one reading this is screaming “You have white privilege!” Fine. Whatever. Every single person in this country is privileged because they live here. I will just say this and leave it. Don’t get into a “who is less privileged” fight with me. Most of you will lose.)

I will tell you what I do have time to do. I will tell you how I plan to make a difference.

I’m going to listen. I’m going to be kind. I’m going to love. I’m going to speak slowly and thoughtfully. I’m going to take you out for coffee and discuss big ideas and differences. I’m going to leave my echo chamber. I’m going to agree and empathize on injustices with you. I’m going to call you out on hypocrisies. I will never stop listening and I will never stop having important conversations.

And most importantly, I will teach my boys to do the same.

All that will be ever so much louder then your signs and social media posts.

Discussing life over a beer, with some one whom I have disagreements with, will make a much greater impact then you setting a trash can on fire.

(Here are some of the verses that I have been thinking about in writing this post)

Ecclesiastes 7:9 Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools.

James 1:19-20 This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.

Proverbs 18:13 To answer before listening– that is folly and shame.

Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

God bless and go love someone different then you. ❤

Dear Google, you can’t have it both ways

Guys, I love twitter. Every day after I look at cute baby pictures and status updates about how blessed someone was at a gas station, I say goodbye to facebook and go to twitter. On this social media platform I am greeted with “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE FROM SEXISM RACISM TRANSPHOBIA AND EVERY OTHER DIVERSITY PHOBIA” and “OMG EVERYTHING IS SO STUPID.”

Love it. :p

Ok so I will just get this out of the way now. Here is the ten page google manifesto that has blown up twitter. It is a quick read. You should definitely read it so you don’t develop an opinion based off what other are telling you about it. However I will give you a brief summary.

The letter was written by an employee to express his concerns about Googles diversity policies. He expressed how he did not think it was right that people were ushered into work for google to meet their diversity requirements instead of having a fair process for hire that applied to everyone. He expressed concerns that there were special support programs for basically all employees unless said employee was a white male. He also talked about how he is in favor of a diverse work environment specifically when it comes to men and women. He addressed some basic difference between men and women (all backed up with sources and graphs and charts) and offered suggestions as to how we can use these differences to include more women in scientific fields.

I’m an aircraft mechanic. I’m about as man as it gets. I work in an almost solely man dominated field. I also am I mom of 2 little boys.

I was not offended by anything this employee at google said. In fact I agreed with basically all of it.


I think my favorite is the NPR tweet. Seriously ladies? The guy didn’t even address the stereo type of women being overly emotional… you did it for him…BY CONFORMING TO THE STEREO TYPE. GAAAAHHHH Everything is stupid….

He didn’t say women were biologically unfit to work tech! He said women are different then men… Oh CNN… Oh Salon…

Ok actually I could rant about this for days but I won’t. I actually only have one point and its this. Diversity means different. (Really it means any person other then a white straight man but that’s another argument.) Wanting and celebrating diversity in the work place would mean celebrating differences between men and women in this particular situation. In order to celebrate diversity and in order for women to bring something special to a work environment THEY MUST BE DIFFERENT THEN MEN. If they are the same their is no diversity! Google cant yell “WOMEN ARE THE SAME AS MEN” out of one side of their mouth and “WE NEED GENDER DIVERSITY” out of the other. If they do that then they are insinuating that the only difference between men and women is reproductive organs. A difference and an assumptions they bulk against when it comes to the debate on Transgenders.

This is a logical inconsistency that needs to be addressed. Get it together Google. You can’t change arguments and “science” to fit your narrative. That’s called being a 2 year old. I know. I have one.

I heard the employee is suing you. As he should. I support him 100%. #expressyourunpopularopinion



An Open Letter to the Parents of Charlie Gard

Dear Chris and Connie,

I remember when I first read your story via a link on twitter. It has been maybe 2-3 months now. I remember the emotions that welled up inside my own heart as I read about your precious baby and his battle. I remember looking at my own boys. I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old. I saw my babies in the picture of your son. I cried. I cried so hard. From that moment my heart, my thoughts and prayers have been with you and your sweet little boy.

The phrase “I’m sorry” seems such a shallow thing to say to you both in this time of immense heart ache and pain. I could add a couple hundred “so”s in between  the “I’m” and the “sorry”. But somehow I feel that would make the phrase even less meaningful. So I will have to stick with I’m sorry.

I’m sorry your little boy was the 1 in a million to be diagnosed with this illness.

I’m sorry that for whatever the reason, the Dr’s in London were not able to treat him.

I’m sorry you had to watch your little boys health decline.

I’m sorry the courts and hospital would not let you leave even though you had raised your own funds to save your baby boy.

I’m sorry that it took the US congress so long to make you a US resident so we could have some power to bring you to New York.

I’m sorry that so much time was wasted in court proceedings and bureaucratic nonsense that your precious angel slipped into a state of hopelessness where there was no return.

I’m sorry that it doesn’t look like you will even be able to take your baby home with you to let him go in peace. But that he will be stuck in the hospital that held him a captive while there was hope.

But let me tell you… What I am the most sorry about… I am so sorry and so angry that your rights as the parents to your child were stripped from you by a bunch of damn suit and tie government bureaucrats that most likely went home to no kids or healthy kids every night. People biologically and emotionally removed from your child got to make the choice about the most important thing about him. His life.

As Charlie’s parents you had every right to do everything within your power to save his life. I would have done exactly what you did. And I would have fought like hell. Exactly like you did. I know that because of your story being known all over the world at this point lots of people will have their own opinions about what you should or should not have done. ANYONE who would side against your decisions for your baby is not worthy of second of your thoughts. Connie, no one criticizing your choices for your baby carried him for 9 months in their body or pushed him out during hard labor. Anyone that doesn’t 100% support you both in your choices  for your son and in the grief you are/ will be going through is not worthy of your time.

And for every jerk out there on social media that thinks they know how you should have lived your life, there are thousands that stand with you.

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you prepare to send your baby to the angels. He will be safe. He will be free. He will be in no more pain. He will be able to see and hear. He will run and jump. He will be watching over you from above. He will spend all eternity with Jesus and the angels. And he will know that his parents fought for his life until the end. He will love you forever.

I hope and pray you will continue in fighting for the rights of parents to love, protect and do whats best for their children. I know you are not the only parents that this kind of tragedy has happened to. The all knowing government courts and officials put you through hell on earth. So you give em hell right back. Charlies Army is behind you.

From one parent to another, with love, sympathy and a really big hug,

Kate ❤

Open Mom Diary #1

I went to the grocery store with my youngest son. It was such a peaceful experience. I arrived at the store and put my sweet baby boy in his carrier. I got a shopping cart with a cup holder and proceeded directly to the Starbucks strategically located at the entrance to the store. I walked through the store sipping on my favorite drink and picking out food for my little family. I was silent except for the periodic whispered “I love you” to my baby followed by a kiss on his head.

I did not have to explain to a 30 lb toddler to put his feet in holes for his legs in the grocery cart while holding him in the air. I didn’t have to talk about all the vegetables we walked past. I didn’t have to explain that you can only have 1 free cookie or no free cookie if a sweet had already been had. I didn’t have to rush to keep jelly jars on the shelf as Godzilla toddler thrust his arms out as the shopping cart went down the aisle. I didn’t have to tell him to sit down in the cart. I didn’t have to tell him to stop grabbing the candy in the check out line and I didn’t have to say “No you cant hold the eggs.”

It was glorious. But I felt guilty…

I did not feel guilty for reveling in the break from my toddler. I felt guilty for not talking to my baby. I felt guilty for the silence.

Before my first son was born I read an article somewhere on the interwebs about a study that had been performed on babies through their toddler years when it came to adult verbal interactions. I can’t for the life of me remember where I found this article. I took from it that verbal communication is absolutely necessary for your childs development(duh. I don’t know why I needed to read this online) and that there are parents out there that do not talk to their kids which messes them up for life. I determined that I would fill my childs ears with the sound of my voice constantly and he would be an excellent communicator by the age of 2.  I did. And he is.

I talked to my son ALL DAY LONG. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I explained everything we did and everywhere we went. I sang or talked to him continually even if there was really nothing to say or talk about. He now talks. CONSTANTLY. This probably has more to do with him being a toddler but because of my neurotic ideas about not wanting him to be intellectually deficient, I missed out on the silent moments.

So here I am. Baby #2 and I feel like I am short changing him on my time and attention. I talk so much to my older child because he is always talking that when I’m alone with my youngest the last thing I want is words to break the silence.

There is not much of a conclusion to these thoughts. More of wondering musings of how to parent two instead of one. Now that we have hit the 6th month its easier to interact simply because he is more attentive. I include him in the conversations about Thomas the train, towers, bulldozers and cookies. But I also don’t want to feel guilty about enjoying my quiet times with him. The silence will only become more scarce in my house. I didn’t cherish it with my first. I wan to cherish it with my second. I want him to know I don’t love him less because I’m quiet.

I am going to have to accept that I will not have the same kind of time with my youngest that I did with my oldest.  So from now I want to intentionally get my alone time with him. So I can talk to him or just be silent.

One thing is for sure I can’t spend my periodic moments with him feeling guilty. That is a waste of my precious time with him.




I am not the Compassion Police

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen. I have done the work for you. We will refute the top health care myths (along with a stupid meme) that are circulating the facebook, twitter and news networks. We will do this using… (Get ready for it…) !!! H.R.1628!!! Don’t know what that is? Its the healthcare bill.

First of all I would just like to say that these people up there on the hill wearing their expensive suits, driving expensive cars and drinking expensive coffee were elected for us and buy us. I should not have to wade through lawyer jargon to figure out what you are doing with my money and my freedom. I’m a relatively intelligent person. I troubleshoot aircraft electrical systems people. But for the love of God release these bills that affect me in normal person speak. please. If you did that there probably would not be a need for this ranting post.

Here is the meme that has sparked my rant. I like to follow and listen to all kinds of people with whom I disagree (#Idontneedasafespace). It makes life more interesting and its way easier to have a civil discussion when you actually know the other persons argument. I don’t usually argue or engage much on social media posts. I just take in the information. But every once in a while an argument is so stupid that my brain cant take it and I have to call it out for what it is. BullSh*t.


I picked this meme apart in a comment on FaceBook but I think this meme encompasses the top myths being pushed to combat the new healthcare bill. I will address the whole stupid gospel and christian comparison later but for now we will focus on the whole poor and sick thing.


Myth #1 Preexisting conditions won’t be covered.

This is just a flat out lie and flies directly in the face of what Amendment #33 says. Allow me to quote the summary for you. “Health insurers would not be allowed to [deny coverage,] discriminate based on gender or [limit access based on] preexisting conditions.” There. Any questions? If you would still like to argue that point you may click on my link for Amendment#33 and then click the pdf of the 8 pages it took to say exactly what I quoted from the summary. Good luck.

Myth #2 Medicaid is getting cut.

Not exactly. Medicaid EXPANSIONS are getting cut. This is kinda hard to break down but Im going to do my best so hang with me. As it is right now able bodied working adults under the age of 65 can get medicaid if they make between 133% -400% of the poverty line. That means you could have a fully functioning, single 25 year old man making 40k a year on medicaid. That’s going away now.

As it is right now, medicaid has to provide coverage for children at 133% of the poverty line or below. Most states provide medicaid for children up to 400% of the poverty line but the requirement was 133%. That is changing to 100%. Medicaid must cover anyone under this threshold. States can still choose to cover higher.

“Essential benefits”(include ambulatory patient services, emergency services, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance use disorder services, prescription drugs, rehabilitative services, laboratory services, preventative and wellness services, and pediatric services) are being eliminated as a requirement for all medicaid and private insurance. This is happening in a form of a waiver system which they will only be granted if they can prove the “waiver will reduce average premiums for patients, increase enrollment for residents, stabilize the state’s health insurance market, stabilize premiums for individuals living with preexisting conditions, or increase patients’ health care plan options.”  What this means is that if your state goes through with this waiver you don’t have to be covered for things you don’t need. Like I don’t need coverage for substance use disorder and my husband doesn’t need maternity coverage. Neither private insurance or medicaid has to cover that if they can prove that by not covering it they have made the market better as a whole.

Medicaid will also have spending caps. That means instead of having constant cash flow the program will be given its lump sum for the year and be told to chose wisely.

You can click here and here to read the actual bill amendments and summary where I am getting all this info from. Please don’t just take my word for it. We NEED an educated populace.

Myth #3 People will die!

This is just ridiculous. Sanders says “When you throw 23 million off of health insurance, people with cancer, people with health care, people with diabetes, thousands of people will die..” These numbers are from the Congressional Budget Offices analysis of the bill. They are wrong. They are off by about 13 million. About 10 million is the actual number 7 million of which would not lose coverage. They would drop their expensive plans because of the mandate being gone. That leaves 3 million losing coverage through medicaid. Not poor sick woman and children. People who don’t need it. Like the family of 4 making 100k a year. Its asinine to make the jump from “people above the poverty line won’t have medicaid” to “people will die”.

I want to spend just a little more time here. Lets say your a diabetic that is at 200% of the poverty level (for a family of 4 that’s about 40k a year.) You lose coverage through medicaid. Because preexisting conditions must be covered you will be able to find coverage through the market place if you can not get it through work. The bill has allocated about 15 billion dollars  for you to be able to have an affordable premiums and coverage. And there are still subsidies in place for sick, poor and old people. What does this mean? You probably are not going to die. Even if nothing works for you and your not insured from that 15 billion dollars being injected into the market place you have a safety net. Emergency rooms cant deny treatment. So if you are in a life or death situation with your diabetes you can go to the emergency room. Yes that will be a big bill but hospitals have financial assistance!!! In the state of Iowa, if you are below 400% of the poverty line you qualify for financial assistance and significantly reduced costs. And if your below 200% you can get out your bill completely. No citation here because this is personal experience and a conversation and the financial aid coordinator at the hospital where I delivered my son.

So your not going to die. These are scare tactics.

Myth #4 Planned Parenthood will be defunded!

Yea… for a year. That’s it.

Myth #5 Anyone who doesn’t like obamacare hates poor and sick people.

I want to spend sometime here as well. We will bring the meme back in from earlier. This whole idea is generally aimed at republicans for making the changes to the health care bill. The purpose of these changes are to cut spending and some of the regulations. The whole point is to try to make things more affordable. Republicans (in general) believe they can make things more affordable for everyone by cutting regulations and taxes. Democrats (in general) believe they can make things more affordable for the marginalized by taxing people with more money. Their favorite phrase is the top 1% (that is anyone who makes about 200k a year or more.) Democrats like to say that we must care about our fellow humans and a way to do that is redistributing wealth to those less fortunate. If anyone opposes this they hate poor and sick people. Just because someone opposes government mandated theft (which is what wealth redistribution is) does not mean they hate sick and poor people. This is just asinine. Both parties want people to have affordable health care. That’s why they stuck their hands into the bowl to begin with.  They have 2 different ideologies to achieve that goal. Both could work. Demonizing the other party that you don’t agree with accomplishes nothing.

Now the whole gospel and claiming Christianity thing… *sigh* I love the fact that the bible is used to virtue signal constantly and chances are people sharing their bible meme for political reasons have not opened their dusty NKJV bible in decades.

Yes! Christians are supposed to love the poor, sick and marginalized. Yes Christians are supposed to be kind, compassionate and generous with our money! Yes Christians are supposed to show Christs love to all! This is all over the New Testament and Old. NOWHERE does it say that Christians are supposed to force others to behave in a kind compassionate and loving way! NOWHERE does it say that we are supposed to purposely take money from others and give it away in the name of compassion! I am a Christian. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am in charge of my compassion, kindness and love. I am not in charge of forcing the guy down the street with the 2017 Audi to give more to charity or buy groceries for a single mom with 2 kids. I SHOULD DO THOSE THING IF I AM ABLE! Christians are not the compassion and kindness police. Therefore, to use this argument of kindness, gospel and Jesus to support theft (which is preached against in both testaments of scripture) is a complete misuse of Gods word. So just stop it.

My personal opinion is this health care bill is crap. I want government out of my health care completely. That’s not their job. But apparently alot of people want their congress person to dictate their health care so I guess that’s here to stay unfortunately.

Ok I’m done. Sorry for possibly destroying a narrative… Sorry for not agreeing with your Jesus argument… Please just please… think for your self. Read the information for your self before you jump on the meme bandwagon. Work together with people of different opinions. Question everything.


So Where is my Parenting Manual?

Today my son had a tantrum. You know like every toddler and like everyday. This is the following conversation that took place with my self and with my son simultaneously:

“Caspian you don’t need to have a tantrum about this” *I guess I should count him instead of reasoning with him. Its not like he is going to say “Oh golly mom your right!”*

“Caspian I’m sorry your disappointed” *I want to have empathy for him*

“One.” *He is yelling louder. Should I just take him straight to time out?*

“Do you want to go to your room?” *Like he is going to say yes you idiot…Should I do a time in? Isn’t that where I just hug him and tell him I love him when he is naughty? Ok he is just yelling louder and stomping.*

“Two” * In the 123 magic book it says to not reason with them. Maybe I have not given enough choices today. Love and logic says give choices… and reason?*

(Toddler picks up toy to throw at 5 mos old)

“Don’t even think about it!” *Should I spank him if he hits? It doesn’t make sense to hit him for hitting someone else*

(Toddler throws toy at 5 mos old)

“THREE!!!” *There is no way on earth he should have a time in for hitting his brother*

(Picks toddler up and puts in room for time out.)

All the while still second guessing my self about my discipline methods. This happens in my house EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The reason I decided to share this story is because of a video I watched a few days ago from prageru. Here it is for some context.



I read the comments. Always a mistake. The guy in this video is a child physiologist and an author. Everything in this video is  EXACTLY how my mom raised me. She did a pretty good job. I am not emotionally scarred and I am a functioning, contributing human in society. Yet the comment section was filled with people basically saying that this guy did not know what he was talking about. If the professional (according to the people in the comments) doesn’t know anything about kids and discipline how can these people be so confident in their chosen methods… and more importantly… WHAT THE ACTUAL H E *DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???

But for real this is a serious question that I wrestle with everyday. I have read 3 different parenting books, watch these kind of videos that come up on my social media feeds and read the comments. Everyone claims there method works  and that it is best. Some times I find myself going through several different techniques a day. But that is bad because its not consistent (or so I have heard). It literally doesn’t matter how many time outs, promised rewards, toys taken away or scoldings he gets. Sometimes he does the same naughty thing 12 million times in 37 seconds.

Its not like I hadn’t picked a parenting method before I had kids. I was not planning on winging discipline. I was the perfect parent before I had kids…

To be honest, I like what this professional had to say in this video. I don’t know if it was because it seemed easier to me then what I am currently doing or if it seemed familiar because its how my mom raised me. So I did what most 27 year old moms do. I called my mom (I swear my mom is like the smartest person in the universe). I told her my woes and struggles. And like most moms she had sound and wise advice. She told me that the “professionals sort of know your kid, the people in the comments know nothing about your kid and you are the professional when it comes to your kid. There are different methods. Some work well, some work for some kids and some are just stupid. Only you know what will work for your kid and its ok to spend some time figuring it out.”

I will say this. I know for sure that my attitude and demeanor affects my sons behavior. When I am cheerful, calm, patient,kind and engaging with him we are much more likely to have a successful day. If I am short, irritated and focused on what I want to do… oh boy… its world war 3 in my house until I check my attitude. And cookies. Cookies make everything better always.

I guess I have no real profound conclusion to this post. More of an open diary on the struggles of a mom with young kids. I hope it encourage someone else who is wondering where the heck is the manual on parenting. Your not alone. 🙂

Get a drink (coffee, wine, chocolate milk whatever) put your feet up and know that you are are the professional with your kid.


A Healthcare Story

I have been wanting to share my experience with our healthcare system for a long time. Frankly its a very long story so I have been putting it off…

I will probably split up my story over a couple posts each having a different focus. This post will focus on the fact that I have literally done it all….

Yes. I have been covered by parents, self pay, medicaid, sharing ministries, covered through work and attempted to get coverage through the market place (I chose to eat instead of buying through the marketplace. That’s where the self pay came in.)

When I was covered under my parents I had the Federal Employees Blue Cross Blue shield coverage. (Does anyone wonder why federal employees seem to have the best coverage in country… hmmm…) I never paid for anything. Literally everything was free (at least for me). Now obviously my Dad was paying a premium  but I had no clue what it was. All I knew was I went to urgent care for free, had birth control for free and honestly never once thought about health insurance or how I would receive medical care. Then I got pregnant.

This new arrival would not be covered under my Dads insurance. So I thought no big deal! I will just put the baby on my husbands insurance… haha… no. At the time my husband had insurance through work and a minuscule amount of money was taken out of his paycheck each month to cover his premium. If I added our kid to it, he would lose 2/3 of his pay check to health insurance. I was shocked. I didn’t understand why this was the case but obviously that was not an option. So… off I went to Obamas healthcare marketplace… Where I was told I could get affordable health insurance… oh boy…

I remember scrolling and scrolling through what seemed like hundreds of plans with different companies on my computer. Nothing was affordable. NOTHING. I would be paying close to 600 dollars a month in premiums with a 10,000 dollar deductible. I did not care that well visit were free. 600 dollars was almost HALF  of what my husband and I lived on a month. After months of searching I had found nothing we could afford for my son. I learned from a friend that apparently cash pay patients are a thing and so I called around to find a Dr. for my son that would accept cash. Best choice ever.

We found a Pediatrician that charged a flat rate for visits. 40 dollar well visit. 80 dollar sick visit and 10 dollars a vaccine. It was so easy and it saved us money. In the first 15 months of my oldest sons life we spent a total of  370 dollars for check ups, sick visits and vaccines. Compare that with 7,200 dollars in premiums with free well visits… no freaking thanks.

Now I realize that I got lucky as a self pay patient with my son because I never had to take him to the ER or anything like that. So as the time was drawing near to me getting kicked off my dads plan I started looking again. I started looking for our family this time because my husband lost his insurance after switching jobs. Needless to say its not like the market place had improved. We made too much money to qualify for any kind of discount on a policy and we didn’t make enough money to pay full price. Enter Sharing Ministry.

Out of desperation I stumbled upon the concept of sharing ministries. I talked to a few people at my church who used them and discovered that this would be my best option. This was also a fantastic choice. I got my Husband and son a catastrophic plan (40 bucks a month) and my self a maternity plan (150 bucks a month). The way it works is that we function as self pay patients for all medical services but the services that are covered under our plan we receive reimbursement after we have covered the amount we are responsible for (think deductable). Like for my pregnancy I was responsible for the first 500 dollars. Then I got reimbursed for all other expenses. This was working great for me with my second pregnancy. Then I moved half way through the pregnancy into Iowa. Enter Medicaid.

Every time I went to my Dr in Iowa I got a lecture on how I needed to be on medicaid under title 19. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I explained EVERY SINGLE TIME that I did not need medicaid. All I wanted was a self pay discount (yes that’s a thing even though most providers try to hide it) and the option to set up a payment plan. This all came to a screeching halt when I showed up for an ultrasound appointment at the hospital and the hospital demanded since I was self pay I had to pay up front for the services. I did not have 1,500 dollars on hand. Shocker. Through some emotional manipulation and needing the ultra sound to address a possibly serious complication for my sweet second baby I was pushed onto medicaid.  The good news was the rest of the pregnancy was free (to me. Not the tax payer.) But only up until my due date. After my due date I was on my own again. Now I still had my sharing plan so that was not a huge deal but for real? What kind of policy is that?

Ok so I do have something good to say about medicaid. In the state of Iowa its standard operating procedure for every child to have medicaid the first year. I actually think this is a great thing. It relieves the urgency and worry of trying to find health insurance and it can prevent absolute bankruptcy if your little bundle ends up in NICU. Its been a relief to me because if I didn’t have it for my 2nd baby I would still be functioning as self pay which means I would be shelling out 200 dollars every 2 months for check ups (Apparently its not 40 bucks everywhere >:[ )Not to mention if something actually went wrong.  200 dollars once a year for my toddler is one thing. Every 2 months is another.

I guess to some up this long monologue I have done or tried to do it all. Self pay is by far superior if its coupled with some kind of catastrophic plan with a sharing ministry. I have decided that I would rather pay 40 dollars a month for my kids to be covered in case they end up in the hospital with pneumonia and just pay for my own well visits. I need insurance against a broken leg or meningitis. Not the flu shot or a sports physical. But that can be the topic of my next healthcare rant.

Here are a few health sharing ministries you can check if your interested.CHM Liberty Samaritans. I use CHM and I know people who use the other 2.



Enough with the false “March against Muslims” narrative

Think of this as a public service announcement. Before anyone freaks out about what some are calling a “March against Muslims”, I’m here to tell you its not a thing. This is whats going on today. Across the country different cities are holding “Marches against Sharia.” If you think that is the same as marching against Muslims then you just defeated your own narrative of #notallmuslims.

These marches are being put on by the organization Act for America. The founder of this organization is Brigitte Gabriel who was a little girl in Lebanon during the extermination of Christians by Islam. She lived in a bomb shelter for 7 years because of radical Islam. You can watch her interview with Dave Rubin here. She tells about her life in Lebanon before and after Islam took over. You can visit her organizations website ACT! For America to learn more about who she is, what she does, what she believes in and the protests against Sharia Law going on today.

Now if you would like to make the argument that sharia doesn’t exist in the good ol USA…Let me correct you. FALSE. It does. There are Sharia courts here. There are honor killings. There is female genital mutilation here. But please don’t take my word for it. You can watch and listen to 2 woman raised in Islam explain it to you. Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Yasmine Mohammed.

So please before you freak out about what ANTIFA and Al-jazeera are saying about this march. Watch these interviews and go to the website of the organization putting on this march. Don’t lose your mind.

A march against sharia law should be something everyone can be on board with including all Muslims that are not extremists and radicalized. No Moderate Muslim should be offended by people not wanting to mutilate little girls genitals. If they are? Then they are not moderate and they are the reason that people are marching. As the twitter is saying (and I paraphrase) Muslims are being targeted by these marches. Yes. If your a Muslim that beats your wife for not wearing a hijab, you cut off your little girls clitoris, and kill your sister, brother, son or daughter for leaving the faith? Its a march against you. Sorry not sorry. Neither is this Ex Muslim woman.


Starter Homes with No Stairs.

My parents bought a house in 1989 in the state of Maryland for 130k. This house was 2 years old at the time, had 1900 sqft, 3 good sized bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, formal dining room, eat in kitchen and a spacious living room. There was also a nice sized backyard and a garage. This was sold to them as a starter home. It became so much more. It was the house I came home to from the hospital and was the same house I left at the age of 19 when I moved cross country. My parents took our cookie cutter starter home and transformed it through out a 20 year period into a one of a kind house that ultimately sold for twice what they paid for it. Fast forward to this past weekend in the year 2017.

We are trying to get our feet wet in the housing market because like most families (I think) we would like to buy a house. Its a little slice of the American dream. I want to be able to tell my boys to go outside when they are driving me nuts and have that outside be a yard. Not an apartment parking lot. I want to paint my walls yellow and hang up a towel rack or knock out a wall if I feel like it. And yes. I want to cut the grass and rake leaves. However what my parents got and what I can get are not even in the same universe. At least not in this town.

We saw 3 houses over this past weekend. It was depressing. Our budget is 125,000. (slightly less then my parents. So ok just 1 bathroom would be fine… Please?) In this 40,000 people midwest town, 125k gets you a 200 year old house with little to know updates, bedrooms with no closets, lead paint, dysfunctional kitchens, the original 1850s windows, second floors that don’t have electricity, stairs that are nonfunctional and wiring so outdated that random ground wires are running from big appliances like your washing machine to small screws in the out dated wall sockets. (yes that was the greatest run on sentence ever) Oh and there is charm and the original beautiful hardwood floors. I guess that supposed to sell me.

I am not exaggerating… The 3 houses I saw had all or most of these problems (along with the charm).

Now before anyone reads this and thinks I’m a spoiled millennial that wants an hgtv home for 5 dollars just because my parents worked hard and had a nice house… No. Don’t even. That’s not a thing. (but for real?! Have you seen these young families on HGTV where their budget for a house is 750,000 ?!?! What the heck?! I obviously went into the wrong profession). Here is what I want.

I want to have the opportunity to be a home owner. I want to be able to move in and live life. I don’t care if its dated, the appliance aren’t new, the paint is ugly, its small and there is only one bathroom. I’m happy to spend 125,000 dollars on a decent structure that I could live in and slowly update it and turn it into my home as extra money arrives. I am not happy to spend that much on a house and then have to throw 100k more at it just to be comfortable. And by comfortable I mean having a counter top in the kitchen. Not a granite counter top. Just a counter top. More then a small shelf that comes out from the sink.  I would even happily pay 40k for a house that I had to gut and fix up. But I refuse to live in this weird in between of a fixerupper/gut the house being sold at functional house price. Just no. So to answer the questions of why this millennial rents? There you go.

I don’t know why the housing market is like this in my town. I don’t know if its different in other towns or cities across America. But I wish it wasn’t. I don’t want a free hgtv home hand out. I just want a mortgage… and food. I guess I have a couple more years of savings to go….

Why the Notre Dame walk out was childish (most likely an unpopular opinion)

Well… I think its been about 5 months since I have updated anything here on my blog. I had a baby and that tends to take up some time… However he is now old enough to be slightly self entertained so I can go back to having some time to write! Hurray!

My facebook was bombarded yesterday with people liking articles about students of the  Notre Dame Class of 2017 walking out of there graduation ceremony due to Vice President Mike Pence being the speaker. My gut response went something like this… “Come the Hell on… My toddler walks out on me when I tell him he cant have cake.”

Now you might say that my toddler and these students can’t really be compared because these students are standing up for what they believe in and are being brave and my toddler just wants cake. No. They walked out because feelings. My toddler runs to his room (safe space) because feelings. I will break it down but first a story relative to this topic.

I have an older cousin that worked in Washington D.C. while Bill Clinton was president. She absolutely loathed the man. She ended up at some kind of event where the President was also attending and he was walking around shaking peoples hands and making small talk. My cousin tried to avoid him but ended up failing and he approached her to shake her hand. She shook his hand and chatted with him for a few minutes. Why? It was not because she was afraid to stand up for her beliefs. It was because she was a freaking grown woman and knew how to act like one. I remember her telling my mom this story after the fact and saying that even though she hated this man she had respect for the office that he held and his position of authority. He was the sitting President and she was not going to make her self look foolish.

I will not make the argument that these students didn’t have the right to get up and walk out. The did. That’s called free speech. (Something they have a habit of trying to stifle in others). They were not brave. Nothing was going to happen to them by walking out (or that one random student that just stood with their back turned see video here) except being booed by the crowd (which they should have been #freespeech). According to the all mighty internet god Google, the definition of brave is “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage”. Not a description of these children. They walked out cause they could. They virtue signaled. Which by definition is virtuous so no one was going to punish them and they knew it. They were disrespectful to the Vice President because they disagree with him and stormed out because of it. Now enter my toddler.

He wants cake (or cookies,cheerios, icecream, the ipad, to watch tv… whatever he’s two). I say no because reasons. He disagrees. Loudly. He walks out. One might argue that he is brave because I may give him a consequence for not respecting his mom (I wouldn’t call him brave. I would call him two. But you get the point)

These students should have behaved like my cousin in the face of something that they disagreed with or offended them. Not like my toddler. To quote Calvin’s dad from Calvin and Hobbes “It builds character”  And that’s my opinion.

I would write more on this but gotta go. My husband is dancing to Justin Beiber with the Baby… Apparently I have been engaged in this post to long \\//